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Tune In


Todd's sermon on July 21st was titled "Tune-in" about listening for God. Interesting stuff, you can hear it at the link below if you missed it. It struck me this past week that one of the ways God "talks to us" is through music. Jan was practicing a Praise Team song one evening and one verse got STUCK IN MY HEAD!  Here's the verse:
We will not go back
We have been forgiven!
We will not go back
The cross has set us free!
As that rolled through my head and off my tongue, it occurred to me that this is a form of praise and prayer. It's a bit like a Gregorian chant, I suppose (only prettier!) It's also a means for God to communicate with us. There's a message in this particular song (or verse) that God thinks is meaningful - at least for me. Some Christians DO go back. They accept the gift of Jesus Christ and then get too busy with humanity to pursue God anymore. They eventually "go back", abandoning the gift without fully realizing what it is and how it can change their life. Todd recently preached that there is no neutral or idle position in our faith journey. We're either moving forward or slipping back. It's important to "tune-in" and STAY tuned-in for us to move forward. Part of this can be through Christian music. Consider this: you've had a bad day at work. You can opt for talk radio on the trip home (think Hannity) OR WAY-FM. Opting for the former, my blood pressure nears full-boil upon my arrival. Opting for the latter, God ASSURES ME that I'm loved and worthy and helps me put this frustrating day into perspective. There's a reason we sing those songs on Sunday morning. Nobody cares how poorly you sing - join in and pay attention to the lyrics.
Brothers & Sisters, TUNE-IN!
-John E