9292 East CD Ave.
Richland, MI 49083

Job Opening

Living Hope Community Church

We Love Jesus, We pray about it, We work hard, WE Fellowship often, we Love to laugh

Associate Pastor Position Description

Title: Associate Pastor

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Location :  Living Hope Community Church / 9292 East CD        Avenue, Richland MI


Position Description

Living Hope Community Church is looking for a ministry partner who is passionate and driven, who can live out healthy community while bringing their own unique gifts and talents to work for our church. As we consider candidates, we are looking for the following attributes:  calling, chemistry with our existing team, creativity, character, and a person who is relationship driven.


Education and Experience:  

The ideal candidate will have at least a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education or equivalent. The successful individual will be a self-starter, not requiring a great deal of supervision, with a solid work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.


Key Responsibilities

  • Helps equip the church family by partnering in ministering to families, young adults, youth and children. 
  • Supports the Senior Pastor regarding preaching, pastoral care, and the overall spiritual health of the Congregation.
  • Supports the mission of the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Encourages multigenerational relationships.
  • Acts in the absence of the Senior Pastor when asked.
  • Supports the Senior Pastor and leadership team in realizing God’s plan for Living Hope Community Church. 


Personal Characteristics:  What the Candidate would look like:

  • Seeks to live a life in step with the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  • Highly motivated leader who is committed to helping others grow in Jesus Christ.
  • Relational leader—Living Hope is built on relationships and the right Associate Pastor will be one who personally resonates with this reality and who sincerely enjoys spending time with people.
  • Ability to connect with families and our church culture.
  • Strong communicator
  • Demonstrates a high level of integrity and authenticity. 


Salary and Benefits:  TBD by Administrative team based on years in ministry and experience.


Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to lhccsearch@gmail.com.