9292 East CD Ave.
Richland, MI 49083

What to Expect


Welcome! We are so glad you have decided to explore to get a glimpse of who we are and what we are about. We want to thank you for the privilege of spending a little time with you. Our hope and prayer for you as you seek a church home is that God leads you to a place where not only you become family and are drawn deeper in your faith, but also to a place where God can use you for His greater purposes.


When should I arrive?

Our Worship service starts at 9:30 a.m., but we love it when people arrive a little early so that we can have an opportunity to greet you and help you with your kids or anything else you may need to deal with in order to fully engage in the service. We also have a group of people that meet at 9:00 a.m. in the sanctuary for prayer, all are welcome.


What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some of our people still dress up for church while others come in jeans, shorts and a t-shirt. Bottom line is that you will feel welcomed and comfortable no matter what you wear, so no pressure. Formal wear is not the norm.


What can I expect?

Our worship services consist of a variety of components, but the ones you can expect most Sundays are singing, prayer, greeting time and a sermon. Other things that are normally incorporated are videos, sharing, stuff for kids and praying the Lord’s Prayer together. Our music tends to lean more towards the contemporary but we still do sing some of the old familiar hymns on a semi-regular basis. We celebrate communion the first Sunday of every month and baptisms as needed.  The sermons tend to be down-to-earth and often they are interactive. (If you want to hear a sermon before you come go to the Media section of this website and check out Pastor Todd’s preaching).

We also always take the time to worship through the giving or our tithes and offerings. We believe that all good things in our lives come from God and it is a privilege and an honor to be able to present a small portion of what God has blessed us with back to Him during worship.

After service, we offer refreshments in Fellowship Hall where you can chat with members and other visitors while enjoying fresh-baked cookies, cofee and punch. This is a great setting to ask about the church, our ministries and outreach and to get to know the folks who show up here on Sunday to worship together.


Will you make me feel awkward as a first time guest?

We hope not! Our hope and desire is to make your first (and every) visit with us warm and welcoming. You will not easily be able to sneak in and sneak out as we are a relatively small church, and most of our regular attendees can spot a new face and look forward to meeting new people. So when you visit you can expect a few friendly handshakes and conversations, and someone may offer to show you around. You will also receive a card that asks for some basic information; you can put this in the offering plate, hand it to the pastor after service or just forget about it if you don't want us to have your information. See, not awkward at all.


Do I need to bring my Bible?

We think it is always a good thing to bring your own Bible with you, but if you don’t there are always Bibles in the pews and many of the verses used during the sermons are projected on the screen for your convenience. If you don't have your own Bible just let us know and we will be more than happy to get you one.


What is there for my kids?

First off, we have a family friendly service and you and your little ones are always welcome to be in service with our church family.  If you have a real little one and like to keep them close and they get a little fussy, you can step into our youth room. There is a speaker and windows into the sanctuary so that you can still see and hear what is going on in service. We offer a nursery for ages birth-3 years old and staffed by member volunteers. After the service, cookies and punch are offered in Fellowship Hall with Sunday School following at around 10:50 am.